Company Overview

Founded in 2005,Hang Zhou ASTO Information Technology Co., Ltd. devotes itself to being an influential provider of information services in such low-carbon economic spheres as recycling resources, new energy, energy conservation and the reduction of carbon emission. As a recycling industry leader in e-commerce, we mainly offer services of e-commerce and off-line businesses in this field. Hang Zhou ASTO Information Technology Co., Ltd, as a vice-president unit of China National Resources Recycling Association and a director unit of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, commits itself to the promotion of the development of small-and-medium-sized enterprises in recycling industry, whose brand websites is relate to nine scrap industries such as metal scrap, plastic scrap and so on, which fully cover each link of recycling industry chain.

Culture and Values

The mission of our company operation:
ASTO commits itself to the promotion of the development of China
and even global small-and-medium-sized enterprises in recycling industry.

The mission of talent cultivation
ASTO aims to be a machine of talent cultivation.

ASTO values:
Active and conscientious performance
High- efficient implementation
Possession with integrity and professional ability
Pragmatic communication
Harmonious sharing with others
Full of responsibility


July, 2007, ASTO established the strategic cooperation with Plastics Recycling Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Resource Recycling magazine of CMRA (China Nonferrous Metals Industry Associations Recycling Metal Branch),Alibaba, EBWorld and other recycling associations in succession. We provide authoritative recycling information to them with the ability of information dissemination and integration.

Nov.2007, ASTO officially launched the promotion plan of fair marketing and successively sponsor or participate in fairs of plastic scrap, metal scrap and rubber scrap, which preliminary built a stereoscopic model for promotion.

Mar. 2008, with a brand-new upgrading, Zai Shengtong offers comprehensive services in an all-round way, such as membership, advertisements, the set-up of sites, fair promotion and so on.

Sep. 2008, with the first successful Zai Shenghui held in Qingdao-an activity for the promotion of enterprise brand, ASTO took the lead in the combination of on-line and off-line services, which creates a new model of network services.

Apr. 2009,, as a brand website of, was formally on line, which is a domestic professional portal for recycling plastic materials.

May, 2009, the official launching of Pin Paitong, a comprehensive e-commerce service, aim at providing high-quality merchants of recycling industry such services as opening on-line shops, advertisements promotion, further building enterprises brands, increasing customers' inquiries, attracting more customers, winning more opportunities of making deals and dominating the emerging market.

Sep. 2009, the recycling business coordinating committee of CRRA (Cina National Resources Recycling Association) appointed ZZ91 as its vice-president unit in accordance with the relevant statutes

Nov. 2009, on the second council meeting of the 3rd session of Plastics Recycling Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association in Hang Zhou, ASTO Information Technology Co., Ltd was elected as the governing unit, which shows that ZZ91 brand wins recognition and high praise from this industry.

1st, Jan. 2010, the headquarter of ASTO Information Technology Co., Ltd moved to 14th floor of Qianjiang International Business Center.

Jan. 2010, and CRRA (China National Resources Recycling Association) reached a strategic cooperation agreement, which realizes the association between these two strong units and promotes the development of recycling industry together.

16th, Jun. 2010, the headquarter of ASTO Information Technology Co., Ltd moved to Building A13, East Park.

Jul. 2010,Many leaders in Hang Zhou, such as Huang Kunming, the Secretary of Municipal Committee; Ye Ming, the deputy Secretary of Hang Zhou Municipal Committee; Xu Liwei, the Secretary of Commission of Jiang Gan district, Cai Zhong the Head of Jiang Gan district and so on*,* successively come to ASTO for investigation and recommendation

Aug. 2010, was officially on line, which is another small sub-industry vertical site of ZZ91 followed

Contact Information

Address:Building A13, East E-commerce Park, No.9, Jiusheng Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province
Zip Code: 310019      Fax: 0571-56637777
【Customer Service】 Tel: 0571-56612345 E-mail:
【Business Negotiation】 Tel: 0571-56611111 E-mail:
【Market Cooperation】 Tel: 0571-56637906 E-mail:
【Complaint Center】 Tel: 0571-56611199 E-mail:
【Human Resource】 Tel: 0571-56616868 E-mail:
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